12th Edition | August 2021

A New Era in Cyber Security: Ransomware Evolution and the Growth of Automation

In this edition of The Vision, we take a close look at multifaceted extortion, an evolved form of ransomware. This threat was recently identified by Mandiant in the M-Trends 2021 article Multifaceted Extortion: Definition and Solutions, which details the tactics used by threat actors and the steps organizations should take to protect their environments.

We round off our focus on threat intelligence with a report on the latest Forrester Wave research which assesses 12 of the most significant threat intelligence vendors in the market today.

As automated solutions continue to gain ground, our final article XDR – A Timely Arrival for the Overstretched SOC discusses the growing importance of XDR for enterprises and introduces a self-guided tour of Mandiant Automated Defense, part of our XDR solution that was launched earlier this year.

Our podcast ”Eye on Security” continues the theme of automation in the SOC, supported by customer success stories including Kyriba and Corix.

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Automated Defense: Investigation Power at Machine Speed

Explore the latest addition to the Mandiant Advantage product suite in our self-guided tour for a deeper understanding of how Automated Defense works to support your SOC. Delivering the detailed insight you need to familiarize yourself with the dashboard, investigation screens and information panels, the online tour makes evaluating XDR solutions that little bit easier.

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The latest success stories from the frontlines



FinTech enterprise Kyriba provides a broad range of SaaS solutions that enable customers to manage their mission-critical capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital optimization. The team needed a solution that was able to effectively triage and streamline their event monitoring, capable of handling over 9 billion events every month. Read why Kyriba selected Mandiant Automated Defense to increase their security team’s capacity and support rapid corporate expansion plans.



When a cyber attack swept the globe in 2016, the security team at leading utility provider Corix rallied to successfully defend itself against vulnerabilities. In the process, they uncovered how difficult it would be to respond to a major attack. After identifying the need to bolster their team, their search for a strategic partner to provide an end-to-end solution and managed detection and response service led to FireEye. Read how FireEye has been working in partnership with Corix to build a robust security program that assures the safety of the communities it serves.

Eye on Security Podcast >

Automated Defense Brings New Features to Mandiant Advantage

Mandiant Advantage

Mandiant Advantage, our SaaS platform, was always intended to house more than just our threat intelligence—and now it does. With the addition of Mandiant Automated Defense and Mandiant Security Validation, we are continuing to roll out new features in a platform that is easily accessible, as well as easy to deploy and scale.