Automate Your SOC with Mandiant Advantage

Detection, Response, Validation & Threat Intelligence on one Platform

CISOs face increasingly complex challenges, especially with the heightened risk of security breaches. They must prioritize resources to have the highest likelihood of success when defending against relevant threats to their organization, while continuously proving the value of security to the business at large. But organizations often don’t have timely knowledge about adversaries and the tactics used to target their operations. Even worse, due to disjointed cyber security programs and product silos, CISOs and their teams may lack a complete picture of their own preparedness.


"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." -Sun Zu

For years, the approach to this situation was to hire more people, invest in more controls and deploy technologies that could centralize the data needed to detect and respond to adversaries. But that no longer works—repositories and critical data are spread amongst the cloud and operating units. Complex tools are easily misconfigured or poorly tuned and security teams cannot keep pace with the speed at which attackers multiply and become more sophisticated. Proactive leaders are searching for ways to understand both attackers that are relevant to their specific organization and the readiness of their security controls to handle those attacks. They also want to know how to manage the avalanche of alerts and data efficiently, effectively and consistently, without sacrificing thoroughness.

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Mandiant security researchers and breach response consultants deliver unmatched knowledge of emerging and existing threat actors, along with their tactics and techniques, through a suite of offerings that combine this intelligence with capabilities to combat the most aggressive attackers. The Mandiant Advantage platform is designed to make this knowledge and expertise accessible to cyber security teams around the world in a timely manner. It also offers proven solutions for validating security effectiveness and investigating potential incidents at machine speed, scale and consistency.

Mitigate Risk and Strengthen Your Security Posture with Mandiant Advantage

The Mandiant Advantage platform delivers the best of Mandiant expertise and technological capabilities in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It provides real-time threat intelligence and expertise and makes them actionable in an organization’s environment by working across the security controls and tools already in place. The platform weaves together:

Threat Intelligence—The most active, authentic and relevant breach, adversary, machine and operational intelligence.

Automated Defense (formerly Respond Software)—Automated investigation and triage that unifies multicategory, multi-vendor security alerts using pre-built data science to virtually eliminate false positives and deliver investigations at machine speed.

Security Validation—Automated, continuous measurement, management and communication of the effectiveness of security controls in an environment against the most relevant adversaries.

Mandiant Advantage helps companies prioritize and focus their cyber preparedness and real-time security operations efforts based on the world’s most informed breach intelligence. With the platform, CISOs can take the following four important steps on an ongoing basis:

  • Leverage threat intelligence that prioritizes the threats that matter most.
  • Continuously validate performance of the controls they have in place, as well as the processes and people that are tasked with protecting the organization.
  • Enhance the level of automated processes and expert managed services used across all capabilities.
  • Gain quantifiable metrics that demonstrate security effectiveness to business leadership.

Through these continuous measures, CISOs can prioritize and focus resources where they are needed most, rationalize the security program, identify ways to cut costs without impacting risk and report to leadership that the organization’s brand and digital assets are protected and compliant.

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