11th Edition | May 2021

Security Trends and the Dawn of a New Venture for Mandiant

Following the release of M-Trends 2021, The Vision zooms in on a few important findings identified by Mandiant experts over the past 12 months, such as the evolution of ransomware, dwell time trends and a rise in internal incident detections.

With UNC2452 still making the headlines, we report on how the biggest cyber incident seen in years was discovered, how it operates and the important role cyber threat intelligence continues to play in our industry.

This April, the Mandiant Automated Defense module joins the Mandiant Security Validation and Mandiant Threat Intelligence modules as part of the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform. More information about these developments can be found in articles Lighten the Security Analyst’s Workload with XDR and Automate your SOC with Mandiant Advantage.

The Vision also contains familiar favorites such as the latest customer success stories, access to the most recent FireEye podcast The “Big Four”: Spotlight on China, and our global webinar series, FireEye Chat.

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Automate Your SOC with Mandiant Advantage

CISOs face increasingly complex challenges, especially with the heightened risk of security breaches. They must prioritize resources to have the highest likelihood of success when defending against relevant threats to their organization, while continuously proving the value of security to the business at large.

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The latest success stories from the frontlines


Singapore Press Holdings

Singapore Press Holdings is Asia’s leading media organization, publishing newspapers, magazines and books in print and digital formats. Mindful of attackers targeting the company’s content to derail operations, the team sought Mandiant’s advice to elevate their security posture. Read how Mandiant implemented a comprehensive range of solutions including FireEye Email Security, Network Security, Helix and Endpoint Security to support their enterprise risk management strategy.


Automobile Industry

Following a major security breach, a large automobile manufacturer representing a prominent brand deployed FireEye Mandiant to evaluate their incident response capabilities and provide recommendations to improve their security program. Read the case study to learn how Mandiant consultants undertook an initial Response Readiness Assessment and presented robust roadmaps leading the client to a more effective security posture.

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The "Big Four": Spotlight on China


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another episode of the Eye on Security podcast. I'm your host Luke McNamara. Today for the third in our series on the big four we are tackling China. Joining me today to help me do that, I have Lloyd Brown, principal analyst on custom intel team here at Mandiant and Scott Henderson, a principal analyst on our cyber espionage team.


Global Webinar and Video Series >

Join us as our experts take a close look at the threat group behind the SUNBURST incident as well as its implications on the broader cyber security industry. We also consider what your organization should do to better protect itself from a breach of this magnitude.

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