10th Edition | March 2021

Ringing the Changes: Brighter times ahead for cyber security

To all our readers, welcome to 2021, and the 10th edition of The Vision!

With the roller-coaster of 2020 behind us, many security teams will be seeking to improve their security operations for the coming year. Following a little cautious optimism that the effects of the global pandemic will start to abate as the vaccine rolls out, we are also starting to witness better times ahead for the cyber security sector. The cyber security skills gap still exists, but newly released functionality in Mandiant Advantage can now deliver game-changing actionable intelligence to put cyber criminals on notice.

In addition to improvements in threat intelligence, we also take a closer look at Security Validation; how it is transforming cyber security operations by delivering empirical evidence on the efficacy of security controls. It includes methodologies for teams to introduce continuous security validation to their security programs. 

This edition also reveals more about how Mandiant graduates threat actors, including an introduction to “UNCs” and the recently announced UNC2452; the uncategorized threat actor associated with the recent multi-industry breach uncovered by FireEye. FireEye Chat reports on the latest ransomware threat intelligence from the frontlines, arming every team with critical information needed to defend their environments.

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Cloudvisory Virtual Experience

Managing complex, multi-cloud, multi-account environments is a way of life for many enterprises. Cloudvisory gives security teams access to a single interface for monitoring and managing distributed, dynamic multi-cloud environments.

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The latest success stories from the frontlines

Global Retailer

Global Retailer

A popular global clothing retailer suffered a harmful cyber breach. After remediation efforts, they engaged FireEye for a Red Team Assessment to review their security effectiveness. Learn how FireEye helped evaluate the organization and build a roadmap for immediate and long-term improvements to their security posture.



When a city’s government agencies and associated groups were targeted by adversaries holding critical data to ransom, FireEye Incident Response, Ransomware Assessment and Managed Defense services were deployed to assist with the immediate investigation and remediation of the attack. Read about how the team provided a holistic and strategic cyber security approach to fix the problem and mature the city’s security infrastructure.

Eye on Security Podcast >

The "Big Four": Spotlight on North Korea

We’re kicking off Eye on Security in 2021 with a nation-state-themed miniseries that focuses on the big four, which we recognize as North Korea, Iran, China and Russia. In this episode, host Luke McNamara invited Fred Plan, Senior Analyst for Mandiant Threat Intelligence, onto the podcast to talk about North Korea.

January 11, 2021 | by Luke McNamara


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Join us for a new expert-to-expert format, with an episode focused on how ransomware has transitioned from business risk to national security risk, the wider implications of ransomware in today’s environment observed from the frontlines and how threat intelligence is vital in identifying trends and informing decisions that will help to better protect organizations.

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