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The New Standard In Cyber Threat Intelligence Is Here

Intelligence-led security has never been so important in the battle to protect organizations against attackers. Knowing who is attacking, as well as why, how and when they will target your environment is critical for prioritizing security activities to patch vulnerabilities, shore up defenses and effectively invest for the future.


To continue supporting organizations with their security efforts, Mandiant has launched the new, accessible-to-all security-as-a-service (SaaS) Mandiant Advantage platform, delivering cyber threat intelligence (CTI) directly from the frontlines of incident response. With this platform, security defenders can easily prioritize the threats that matter the most and take action—regardless of the SIEM or security controls they have deployed. Security teams have access to the same data and tools that Mandiant threat analysts and incident responders rely on.

“Every security team is plagued by the same problem: there’s never enough time or resources. Yet, they have no effective way to prioritize the threats that matter most”

“Every security team is plagued by the same problem: there’s never enough time or resources. Yet, they have no effective way to prioritize the threats that matter most” said Chris Key, EVP of Products, Mandiant Solutions. “Mandiant Advantage reimagines how defenders track relevant threats, including uncategorized groups and clusters (UNC), so they can apply insights as they unfold directly to their existing workflows.”

Featuring threat intelligence from live events, machine learning and research initiatives, Mandiant Advantage customers will now be able to access unrivalled threat insight from a unique blend of breach, operational, machine and adversary intelligence.

Breach intelligence:

Mandiant Solutions executes more than 850 global incident response engagements every year, representing 200,000 hours responding to breaches. This gives our analysts in-depth insight into the specific steps malicious actors take post-compromise. Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence ingests this data continuously so we can develop the most comprehensive view of cyber attacks, what attackers do once inside, and how customer security controls fail.

Operational Intelligence:

Our Managed Defense team performs detection and response services for over 300 customers from four international Cyber Threat Operations Centers, ingesting 99+ million events and validating 21+ million alerts. This continuous monitoring gives us the unique ability to identify emerging global threat campaigns within specific customers or industry verticals.

Machine Intelligence:

We have approximately four million virtual guest images deployed globally in 102 countries, generating tens of millions of sandbox detonations per hour, confirming 50,000 - 70,000 malicious events per hour.

Adversary Intelligence:

Mandiant Threat Intelligence deploys 300+ intelligence analysts and researchers located in 23 countries. We collect up to one million malware samples per day from more than 70 different sources. Our intelligence analysts are deeply entrenched where cyber attackers plan, design and execute their attacks, giving our customers early visibility into hacker motives and cyber security trends.

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The information we gather is analyzed, evaluated and tracked via the Mandiant Graph Database, a unique tool which centralizes all intelligence findings. The data is enriched by Mandiant experts and machine learning to form Mandiant Advantage.

“For years, Mandiant Threat Intelligence has led the industry with credible, high-quality finished reporting that characterizes the threat environment to manage cyber security risk within organizations. But watching and packaging threat intelligence is not enough. With how rapidly threats shift, it’s time that our customers know more about the adversary than anyone else as well. As we collectively take on today’s threat actor, we’re making emerging intelligence accessible to all, as it is discovered.” Sandra Joyce, Mandiant EVP and Head of Global Intelligence

Many organizations rely on open source intelligence via paid subscriptions, but this only provides an historical perspective on the threat landscape. Mandiant Solutions is raising the industry standard for threat intelligence, making open source intelligence available to all organizations free of charge via the Mandiant Advantage platform or browser plugin. Users can effortlessly pivot customizable threat information panels and search the latest threat news related to their region or industry.

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Subscription packages that access real-time data and specific threat insights are also available, including threat intelligence for prioritizing vulnerabilities, detection and response, and dark web monitoring. This information can be integrated into all third-party applications via an API.

To date, no single vendor has brought this level of visibility into adversary intent, opportunities and capabilities to the market. With Mandiant Advantage, security professionals can focus on the threats that matter, serving all layers of the security organization with data that has been curated, connected and enriched, marking the dawn of a new standard in threat intelligence.

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