9th Edition | December 2020

Cyber security predictions in a unpredictable world

The capriciousness of 2020 has driven security practitioners to defend their organizations against a multitude of attacks that included threats to the U.S. presidential election and financially motivated actors looking to further disrupt business operations in an already unsettled time. FireEye and Mandiant experts have identified a number of cyber security trends set to affect our industry over the coming 18 months to help security practitioners in their planning efforts. The lead article in this edition of The Vision highlights several trends detailed in our cyber security predictions report.

The latest information on FIN11—the recently graduated threat group—is reported in our Threats in Focus article, which offers an update on the sector’s response to Mandiant Advantage, a newly launched security-as-a-service (SaaS) platform delivering up-to-the-minute intelligence on threat actors, malware and vulnerabilities.

As with every edition of The Vision, there are plenty of opportunities to catch up on the latest FireEye Chat episodes and webinars to arm you with everything you need to plan your security initiatives over the next several months.

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2021: Looking Ahead

FireEye and Mandiant experts have identified two overarching cyber security trends to help teams effectively plan their investment programs over the next 18 months.

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Nation-State Activity

Major nation-state sponsors of threat activity in 2021, both regionally and globally, will continue to include Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. However, security teams should expect to see increased activity from Vietnam and South Asia as well.

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The high levels of ransomware activity in 2020 will only increase into 2021. The tactics, techniques and procedures used for compromise will continue to evolve, and increasingly aggressive attackers will demand higher ransoms as they begin digesting what is actually in the data.

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Mandiant Advantage

The New Standard In Cyber Threat Intelligence Is Here

Intelligence-led security has never been so important in the battle to protect organizations against attackers. Knowing who is attacking, as well as why, how and when they will target your environment is critical for prioritizing security activities to patch vulnerabilities, shore up defenses and effectively invest for the future.

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Join our FireEye Chat expert to expert discussion for a look back on the predictions from last year’s Security Predictions report to see how we fared. We’ll also highlight other major cyber security occurrences of this year that has altered the course of direction for the industry as we move into 2021.

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Shark threat

The Graduation of FIN11

Newly “graduated” as part of the Mandiant Threat Intelligence continuous actor-validation process, FIN11 is a financially motivated threat group that conducts widespread and highly successful phishing campaigns that have impacted organizations across sectors and geographies.