Beat the Boardroom Hot Seat: Prove Security Effectiveness. Every Day.

Global economic concerns and an evolving threat landscape are increasing the pressure on security teams to do more with less. In boardroom meetings around the world, CISOs are under pressure from business leaders who continue to demand proof that their security investments are effectively protecting their organization.


Facing inevitable spending cuts without impacting risk may seem like an impossible task. However, a recent study by Mandiant experts uncovered that many organizations are underutilizing security tools, or are relying on misconfigured or redundant security tools. The research shows that on average, 53% of attacks successfully infiltrated an enterprise without detection; only 9% of detected attacks generated an alert, demonstrating how frequently breaches occur.1 Successful security effectiveness assessments identify gaps and opportunities for optimization, improving an organization’s overall security posture and the potential to cut costs while clearly showing the impact of the removal or adjustment made to its security infrastructure.

Boardroom Stats

To demonstrate business competency, CISOs should start with three questions:

How can I rapidly quantify and prove that my security program is protecting critical assets and minimizing risk exposure?

Are we protected from the latest attacks or adversaries in today’s headlines?

How can I demonstrate results and rationalize investments with executive leadership?

Today’s headlines show the cyber threat landscape growing as adversaries become increasingly more sophisticated and rapidly morph their tactics. To outmaneuver attackers and reduce risk exposure, security leaders require continuous validation technology powered by timely and relevant intelligence. Mandiant Solutions combines the world’s leading threat intelligence and frontline incident response data with its continuous security validation platform to arm organizations with the tools needed to increase security effectiveness and reduce business risk.


Intelligence-Led Security Validation

Security leaders require continuous, automated validation technology that ensures accurate testing, delivers insight into what is most relevant to the business, and helps identify security priorities. Conducting validation of security effectiveness informed by threat intelligence can contribute to meeting these requirements. However, the source of intelligence is critical. Most threat sources can tell you what threat actors were doing 30 days ago, but only Mandiant Threat Intelligence can tell you what they are doing right now.

With timely and relevant intelligence, Mandiant Security Instrumentation Platform equips security teams with the ability to safely emulate real attacks and gain visibility into exactly how their security controls will react to different adversary behaviors executed in real time. The testing results give security teams the performance data and insight to optimize controls, prioritize the value of their controls and discontinue those which are underperforming, and quantify improvements to defenses over time. Essentially, teams can transform their entire security program. Security investments can therefore be rationalized to the Board with proof of efficacy.

Mandiant Security Validation provides a clear path to continuous security optimization and equips CISOs with the evidence needed to prove cyber readiness and demonstrate business competency.

  • 1 Mandiant (2020). Deep Dive into Cyber Reality. Security Effectiveness Report 2020