8th Edition | September 2020

Establishing security in a world of uncertainty

As we reach the second half of 2020, current events are definitely influencing security team activities around the world. Cloud technologies have never been more important to business operations, and many organizations have a number of questions and concerns about their security in those environments.

Therefore, this edition of The Vision highlights cloud environments, tackling common myths and discussing the most effective strategies for comprehensive cloud security. Two of our cloud experts take the time to share their insights on FireEye Cloudvisory.

For those of you facing budget cuts this quarter, we offer guidance on how to optimize costs while maintaining your existing risk profile, especially for organizations facing an increasing amount of attacks.

The featured threat for this edition is MAZE ransomware. Mandiant analysts have become aware of over 100 new MAZE victims since November 2019. Our article covers the latest information on the threat and its implications.

Full of guidance and support, this edition of The Vision will help you through the tough times ahead.

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The latest success stories from the frontlines

Hutchison MediPharma

Hutchison MediPharma

Hutchison MediPharma oversees research and development of drug candidates for the holistic treatment of cancer and immunological diseases. The team needed to make efficiency and threat visibility improvements to mature their security program. Read how FireEye is helping them achieve their goals.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Working with one of the oldest and largest financial institutions in the United States, FireEye was tasked with assessing cyber security effectiveness to help ensure their customer’s personally identifiable information remained secure. Find out how FireEye worked with the internal team to validate and improve their security posture.

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Watch this episode as we dive deeper into two topics from the FireEye Virtual Summit: security effectiveness and cloud security. Hear from our experts who are front and center from their homes as they tackle these common questions: How secure are you, and can we be sure we’re protected against the evolving threat landscape?; Are your cyber security products effective and working the way they should?; Do you know how to be secure in the cloud?; and What should you consider when moving to the cloud?

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