One Step Ahead

Putting Proactive Action into Threat Intelligence

Introducing FireEye Verodin Threat Actor Assurance Module

Threat intelligence is both useful and necessary. The information provided by threat intelligence solutions gives companies evidence-based analysis of an existing or emerging threat, continuously reported on and delivered through subscription feeds to customers, helping CISOs better prepare for an attack.


But standard threat intelligence is limited, because companies can only identify when a threat actor has penetrated their environment and respond appropriately after an attack occurs—rather than test against threats ahead of time. In other words, threat intelligence doesn’t enable companies to ask the critical question: How secure are we from attacks that could put our entire brand at risk? The unfortunate truth is that just by virtue of being in existence, any company is at risk of attack. So the question is, how effective are our security controls, and are we adequately protected?

This is where Verodin’s new Threat Actor Assurance Module (TAAM) comes in. With TAAM, we are taking a proactive approach to threat intelligence, empowering organizations to not only understand the threats that pose potential harm to their business, but also determine if those threat actors can get through their defenses—before an attack occurs. This is a true game-changer for the cybersecurity industry.

This leap forward allows organizations to understand exactly which threat actor groups could compromise them and how their defenses will perform before the actual attack.

Colby DeRodeff, CTO, Verodin

Based on the Verodin’s Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP), Threat Actor Assurance Module enables organizations to understand exactly which threat actor groups can compromise them, as well as which threats are targeted specifically to their type of business based on a number of factors such as industry, size, location, etc. Threat Actor Assurance Module then conducts tests to validate whether the organization’s controls are effective at preventing an actual attack, delivering assurance for how an organization’s defenses will perform against the threat actors that are most likely to target them. By design, Threat Actor Assurance Module leverages multiple threat intelligence sources, including FireEye. The solution aggregates the Threat Actor information from all sources and creates a single consolidated threat actor profile in Verodin, giving users the broadest coverage possible. Threat Actor Assurance Module validates the capabilities of an organization’s defensive stack to prevent, detect, and alert on both indicators of compromise and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)—including the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework.

Simply knowing about the possible threats against an organization doesn’t ensure that defenses can and will protect its critical assets.

By turning intelligence into empirical data that shows how effective a company’s systems are in the face of known behaviors, businesses are much better equipped to minimize cyber risk, which is at the heart of protecting their reputation and economic value.

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