Benchmarking Cyber Security Priorities in 2020 and Beyond

FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report 2020

As we head into the final quarter of the year, plans and strategies for 2020 are reaching the peak of their development phase. Often, the most difficult thing to do during the planning process are to provide justification for the decisions we are making or find ways to explain and effectively gain support for the initiatives we are looking to introduce.


It takes data and plenty of it to fully justify a comprehensive security plan. To help address this need, FireEye commissioned a large-scale cyber security research initiative involving over 800 CISOs and other senior executives from North America (US and Canada), Europe (France, Germany and the UK), and Asia (China, Japan and South Korea).

Cyber security

Introducing the FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report

Aimed at unveiling the overall beliefs and perceptions held by senior executives on the state of the cyber security and threat landscape, our inaugural FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report explores key topics such as how these organizations are planning budgets, their concerns for the year ahead, and how they are progressing with artificial intelligence tools. These direct insights are designed to help organizations benchmark their cyber security initiatives, offer data points on leading issues that can be used to support critical decision making and provide context for discussions with senior leadership, board members and other key stakeholders.

Requirement challenges:

Finding a balance between cyber security and operational requirements is a challenge for 63% of organizations


The vast majority (76%) of organizations are planning cyber security budget increases for 2020, with most plans increasing by 1-9% as compared to 2019

Breach preparedness:

More than 50% of organizations globally don’t believe they are ready for a cyber attack or breach event. Further, nearly 29% of organizations that have cyber attack and breach response plans have not tested or updated their plans in 12 or more months


Over 40% of organizations do not have or have only very limited as-needed cyber security training for their employees

Download the full FireEye Cyber Trendscape Report for essential data to help support future cyber security plans.