Charting a Clear Path to Security Effectiveness to Minimize Cyber Risk

As cyber crime and hackers pose increasing threats to organizations across nearly every industry, cyber security has taken a "front and center" position in the minds of the C-suite and Board of Directors. More and more, these business leaders understand that security effort does not equal security effectiveness.

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In support of their fiduciary responsibilities, executives now demand real evidence that helps them clearly understand the effectiveness of their security stack, where vulnerabilities lie and the quantifiable risks their organization faces.

Cyber security is a critical business function, yet until now, there have not been the right systems in place to stress-test and continuously validate effectiveness. Instead, organizations have been forced to rely on hope and assumptions. Verodin enables companies to understand and control their systemic cyber security risk, become more resilient organizations, and protect their reputation and economic value. With the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP), companies can for the first time proactively measure and manage cyber security just like any other business function.

Knowledge and insights into security effectiveness are available in real time to reflect an organization’s dynamically changing risk profile, a natural outcome of its complex and ever-changing IT infrastructure.

Verodin SIP is unique in that it instruments customer IT environments to test the effectiveness of network, endpoint, email and cloud controls, enabling companies to rationalize their security investments and determine where gaps lie based on real evidence.

The Verodin platform complements a company’s existing cyber security products and services and runs tests to identify vulnerabilities due to problems such as equipment misconfiguration, changes in the IT environment or evolving attacker tactics. In short, Verodin SIP provides evidence that demonstrates if a company's controls are actually delivering the desired business outcomes.

Verodin: Charting a Clear Path to Security Effectiveness to Minimize Cyber Risk

The Verodin platform now incorporates FireEye's industry-leading threat intelligence findings, proactively giving security professionals insights into emerging and ongoing threats and how effective their security infrastructure is at blocking them, as well as prescriptive measures to take to fix vulnerabilities.

With quantified cyber security risk information, companies and individuals can create a clear path to improved security for their important assets, invest in the right internal systems and solutions, create internal accountability and communicate the confidence to control the risk to investors and customers.

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