4th Edition | September 2019

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Cyber criminals are constantly evolving their attacks, trying new tactics and tweaking proven ones to bypass security solutions. To stay a step ahead of cyber criminals, this edition of The Vision brings you the latest email security intelligence with news on APT41 and our Q1 2019 Email Threat Report.

In other articles, Gareth Maclachlan, VP Product Strategy, Managed Security Services and Intelligence at FireEye discusses solutions and strategies to reduce the impact of the cyber skills gap and our latest customer case studies featuring intergovernmental organization CERN and technology company Vertafore highlight why FireEye is their vendor of choice.

From expert opinion to security intelligence and advice, The Vision is your portal to the up-to-date news in cyber security.

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Vertafore, a technology company that creates software for the entire insurance distribution channel has built a relationship with FireEye to overlay security onto their customer package.  Following the integration of FireEye services, intelligence and support, Vertafore now has the confidence to drive security assurances throughout their customer base.


Discover how CERN, the world's largest particle physics lab, protects its vast infrastructure with FireEye. In addition, FireEye would like to congratulate Dr. Stefan Lüders, the Chief Security Officer of CERN, for being named the SC Awards Europe 2019 CISO of the Year.

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A CISOs Perspective

A CISOs Perspective

Facing The Pressure of The Cyber Skills Gap

With more than 350,000 cyber security jobs unfilled in the U.S. alone, there is a significant impact on CISOs.

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FireEye Chat: The Cyber Security Skills Gap

Front and Center with Colin Carmichael and Jason Martin who will address the growing cyber security skills gap, which is expected to reach 3.5 million by 2021

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