Global Webinar Series 2019

FireEye’s global webinars have earned universal acclaim for their breadth and depth of content, leveraging unique insight based on real-world incident response investigations. Have you checked them out?

We’ve been busy producing a compelling series of webinars, which reflect some of the key topics of concern to cyber professionals the world over. Hosted by highly-respected FireEye experts, they all share a common objective: to arm your organization against the barrage of threats facing it every day.

We examine the importance of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and how your organization can effectively deploy, cascade and exploit it. Closely aligned, when (not if) you do come up against an actual threat, we ask how well your team is poised to perform and if there is a case to consider engaging specialist resources such as our Expertise On Demand services. Such an attack would be likely to have its origins in malicious email – still the #1 attack vector. With thousands being missed by most email security solutions, we look at the must-haves required to beat this relentless threat.

With no cloud migration strategy even near complete without the security angle sewn up, it’s as hot a topic as ever, also coming under scrutiny in our webinar series as we look at some of the common misconceptions that have ubiquitously hindered its progress.

Finally, hot off the press, there’ll be webinar coverage of highlights and expert insights from this year’s M-Trends, our eagerly-awaited annual flagship commentary, predictions and deep dive analysis … a must-view for cyber professionals everywhere.

Watch M-Trends 2019 on-demand and arm your team with the knowledge they need to defend against today’s most often used cyberattacks, as well as both emerging and more obscure threats.