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In the world of cybersecurity, with its many challenges and demands, how many of our problems would be solved if only we had more hours in the day to tackle them all? The unfortunate reality is that whilst there are many great multitaskers in this world, one person cannot proficiently fulfill the many different roles required to detect, defend and respond to all attacks.

As such, if you want to undertake all cybersecurity work in house, you will need big budgets and a highly effective recruitment team, because right now the cybersecurity skills gap is in crisis – so much so, that by 2021 it is anticipated that there will be 3.5million cyber security positions unfilled globally1.

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It wouldn’t be unreasonable to wonder why cybersecurity teams need to be so sizable. The truth is that when attacks are coming in from all angles, predicting where they will come from becomes a rather complex task, let alone how to defend your company from them all. It’s no great surprise that solo operating cybersecurity professionals are burning out and the certainty of an attack being successful becomes more real.

So what is this army of cybersecurity professionals in order to help business owners sleep at night comprised of? To start you will need Threat Hunting Analysts to proactively look for signs of compromise, searching through large amounts of data sources, identifying patterns and trends to enhance visibility of any malicious activity which technology alone cannot detect. Then there is the Intelligence Analyst who can determine whether any threats are significant or sophisticated to help prepare a company’s defenses and actively manage risk, identifying attacker profiles and behaviours.

SOC Team

Working closely with Intelligence Analysts are Malware Reverse Engineers who dissect malware and work through the attacker’s code to understand how it behaves which results in the acceleration of incident response to any high risk threats. These findings drive how Incident Responders (who minimise the impact of any successful attack) and Security Threat Protection Analysts (who work to protect organizations in real time to all emerging threats) act to every given situation.

In addition to all of this, you need Attack Simulation Specialists who will continue to enhance your ability to prevent, detect and respond to incidents, testing security infrastructure and identifying any flaws, and a Security Program Analyst to take a helicopter view of current cyber risks and advise where to plug any holes in your defense framework based on the level of threat risk.

Supporting such a broad team of intelligence and malware analysts is expensive for any organization and scaling it is even more challenging. Without scale, it will be difficult to achieve the macro visibility across industries, regions and different attacker techniques which enable analysts to connect the dots between their observed activities.

EOD Infographic

There is light at the end of the tunnel however through the use of Expertise On Demand services which deliver the missing links to your security operation through flexible access to security expertise, giving you threat insight, incident response, training opportunities and scale as and when you need it.

The FireEye Expertise On Demand service provides security professionals with expansive and detailed cybersecurity knowledge and experience that can only come from decades spent tracking threat attacks and responding to breaches that matter. The practice is proving to be so effective that nearly nine in 10 companies recently surveyed are turning to external companies providing cybersecurity expertise to help support their business2. Perhaps whilst the idea of freezing time so that we may fit more into our day remains fantastical, with Expertise On Demand the dream of winning the war on cybercrime is becoming a reality.

1 Source Frost & Sullivan report

2 Source: 2017 cyberthreat defense report, CyberEdge Group, LLC

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