10 Years of M-Trends

Expertise delivered straight from the frontlines of cyber attacks

Welcome to The Vision, a regular update on the latest unique insights arising from FireEye’s global leadership and experience in supporting cyber professionals.

This year, we celebrate ten years of M-Trends, considered by many cyber professionals in the world as the doyen of insight based on real-world investigations. This issue of The Vision tracks M-Trends’ history in keeping abreast of the ever-evolving threat landscape. Also in this issue: the advance in APTs and four to keep an eye on in 2019, the cloud and just how secure it is, the disturbing rise in destructive attacks and the motives for them, accounts of two real-world customer solutions and news of our latest compelling global webinars

Graphic The advance in APTs ones to watch in 2019

The advance in APTs: ones to watch in 2019

The word ‘persistent’ applies to a group’s attack on a target, but one could also use it to describe its very existence and determination to survive and flourish. Certain that the four new groups will grow in both their breadth and sophistication in 2019, here’s a brief profile of each.

Graphic How secure is the cloud

How secure is the cloud? We explode some common misconceptions

Business is moving to the cloud… it's just happening far more slowly than anticipated five years ago. Sure, certain aspects of many organizations' setup have embraced the cloud – such as email, office productivity and engineering development – but many older apps and infrastructure won't be migrated any time soon.