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Unlock powerful cyber security

Keeping abreast of tech has always been one of the greatest challenges for anybody in the IT sector. In cyber, it’s no different.

As examples, take new and evolving threat characteristics such as a 700% growth of ransomware families since 2016, the emergence and increase in crypto-mining rolling campaigns with attack waves, and a dramatic increase in nation state sponsored/endorsed targeted attacks – in terms of both complexity and the number of actors.

Facing and grasping these threats is formidable enough, but even more so in the face of the emergence of factors such as hybrid on-prem/cloud computing infrastructures and growing shadow IT estates.

To effectively keep pace with threats, organizations must apply a balanced approach

Comprising of the four key activities of incident lifecycle management: prevent, detect, respond to and predict threats. Critical considerations include outsourcing, security training, selection of efficient tools, workflow development and refinement, analytics and reporting, risk assessment and threat intelligence.

FireEye and Gartner have collaborated in the production of a unique webinar addressing precisely these issues. Gorka Sadowski, Gartner’s Research Director, Security Infrastructure Protection and Christopher Porter, Chief Intelligence Strategist with FireEye, explore many of these topics in great detail to uncover the intricacies of cyber security success and options – including a presentation on FireEye ecosystem, operation, solutions and benefits to enterprises, including case studies and examples.

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