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We have always found webinars to be an effective way to engage with cyber and other tech professionals – reaching the widest-possible variety of relevant roles across the globe with the maximum convenience to our audience. Here, we invite you to tune into our next compelling global event… Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond on Tuesday December 11th.

As the year draws to a close, we wonder what new tactics and strategies cybercriminals will develop in 2019, whether their motives are financial, political, disruptive or economic. Two things are certain: attackers will attack and defenders will be tasked with stopping them. Another certainty, however, is that there is a lot more we can do to be prepared for upcoming threats and ensure we keep one step ahead. In this webinar, FireEye Chief Intelligence Strategist Christopher Porter shares his thoughts about cyber security in 2019, touching on various topics discussed in our Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond report including established and emerging nation state threats, how hostile actors are changing their tactics to stay ahead of defenders, and on a more specific vertical sector - threats to the aviation industry, including cyber espionage and cybercrime.

Register today to learn what lies ahead and stay one step ahead of cyber security threats.

Watch our recent global webinars

Over three days in October, we managed and hosted an unprecedented global online event for cyber professionals: a dozen webinars over three days, presented by senior FireEye experts, customers and market intelligence vendors.

The objective of the FireEye Cyber Resilience Virtual Summit was to convey real-time insights of the threat landscape from our latest investigations at the frontlines of cyber security, demonstrating how the combination of technology, threat intelligence and expertise can help you develop the cyber resilience you need.

Take a front row seat to watch the sessions at your leisure to find out about:

  • Insights on the latest investigations from the frontlines of cyber security.
  • Tools to gauge organizational readiness for a cyber crisis, as well as the best ways to determine what is needed to protect the company and its employees.
  • 'Right-sized' security solutions that meet and evolve with evolving business needs.

Mapping Out a Battle Plan for Effectively Managing Cyber Risk

Gearing Up with Armor Against Cyber Crime

Building ‘Right Size’ Security Solutions