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FireEye tops Forrester External Threat Intelligence Services report

Forrester's New Wave™: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q3 2018 report, published in September, has revealed that FireEye leads the field of 15 providers evaluated The vendors surveyed are regarded as the most significant in the category.

The report details Forrester’s findings about how each vendor scored against a number of criteria – and versus the other companies on the list – to assist buyers to make an informed choice about the most appropriate threat intelligence partners for their needs.

The analyst's New Wave series of reports evaluates emerging technologies based on a 10-criteria survey and two-hour briefing with respective vendors, selected on the basis that they have at least 75 enterprise threat intelligence customers, significant dedicated dark web collection capabilities and are frequently discussed by Forrester clients during inquiries and interviews. Vendors’ market presence and technical capabilities are also taken into account.

"They have great resources and in-depth analysis on a wide breadth of topics."

For this study, the evaluation criteria are:

  • Surface web intelligence
  • Dark web intelligence
  • Technical intelligence
  • Threat feeds
  • Nation-state focus
  • Cybercriminal focus
  • Financial crime focus
  • Vision and execution
  • Global reach
  • Strategic partnerships
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Why FireEye was #1

FireEye leads the pack with its collection capabilities. The importance of iSight Partners and Mandiant cannot be overlooked when assessing FireEye’s threat intelligence capabilities, which marry digital forensics, human intelligence (HUMINT), and a global sensor network.

FireEye is the best fit for companies desiring a breadth of outcomes from a single vendor. Quilting together commercial vendors to accommodate your intelligence requirements can be a challenge. FireEye simplifies this process with an internationally recognized offering based on a wide collection.


FireEye Customer Reference Summary

FireEye customer references were impressed with the depth of analysis on a wide range of topics.